Who Is Considered High-Risk for Auto Insurance? : Auto Insurance

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Certain types of people are considered “high risk” when it comes to auto insurance. Find out who is considered high risk for auto insurance with help from an auto insurance professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Arthur Ingraham
Filmmaker: Ben Kasica

Series Description: Auto insurance is one of the most important things that any driver can have, apart from the actual vehicle itself and a driver’s license. Learn about the ins and outs of auto insurance and find out about a few key things you may not be aware of with help from an auto insurance professional in this free video series.

No Such Thing as a Bad Risk: Special Risk Disability Insurance Coverage

Special Risk Disability Insurance plans for unique insurance risks. Petersen International Underwriters is a Lloyd’s Coverholder specializing in impaired, high limit and excess disability insurance for individuals, groups and business situations.

Serving Professional Insurance Producers with:

* Excess and High Limit Disability Insurance
* Disability insurance for entertainers, athletes, pilots and more,
* Impaired Risk Disability Plans,
* International and Travel Medical insurance
* International and specialty life insurance
* Kidnap Ransom insurance

Life Insurance No Medical Exam

Do you need life insurance, but you’re afraid you won’t be approved? Check out http://www.noexamlifeinsurances.com/ for more information.

Have you already been turned down for life insurance because of your health?

Can you you really get life insurance with no exam?

I’m here to tell you that yes you can, and get approve with almost any condition!

While this solution may not be for everyone, but if you need life insurance and can’t get
it because of your health, Guaranteed no exam Life Insurance may be just the thing for

Here’s how it works.

Instead of a full medical exam, when applying for those type of life insurance coverage,
you’re approval most of time will only be based on the following 4 questions:

Do you smoke or use tobacco? If you do, you’ll probably still be approved, but you will
pay a higher premium.

Do you currently live in a long-term or nursing care facility? To get approve, you’re
answer must be no.

Have you been recently diagnosed as terminally ill, meaning that you have less than 24
months to live? This answer must be no.

Do you have AIDS or HIV? Once again, this answer must be no.

Obviously, insurance is a business of managing risk. No-exam life insurance carriers
know that the people they insure cannot pass a health exam. In order to offset the risk,
there are a few downsides to this type of policy.

The amount of insurance is low.

You’ll seldom be able to get a policy for more than ,000.

Premiums are high.

Because you are at a higher risk of dying, you are going to pay more for this insurance.
But, its still a great solution for people that can’t otherwise get life insurance.
There are limits to the death benefit.

Your beneficiaries won’t get a full death benefit if you die within the first 3 years. It
pays on a graded scale, with the full payout only available after the third year. Don’t look
at this being a down side, if you’re in position where you just can’t get life insurance, or
you have a medical condition that’s preventing you from getting any insurance coverage,
no exam life insurance is an option you should definitely look at.

If you need any more information, or looking for a list of no exam policy companies,
click the link below in the video desciption, or visit us at No Exam Life Insurances.com

Life Insurance with Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B Life Insurance Options

Video: Life Insurance with Hepatitis B. Visit http://www.ChooseTerm.com or call 800-574-0245 ext 101.


This is Liran Hirschkorn from ChooseTerm.com and in this video I’m going to
talk to you about Life Insurance when you have Hepatitis B and what your
options are, coming up in tis video.

So, if you have Hepatitis B you can get approved for Life Insurance but
it’s going to be determined based upon several factors. One, if your liver
enzymes are normal as far as the levels or maybe just slightly high but not
very, very high, then you have a chance to be approved for life insurance
depending on how long you’ve had it, what the current treatment is, it is
possible to get approved. The key is really knowing which Life Insurance
companies to apply with. There are some companies that are very
conservative and will generally not approve somebody with Hepatitis,
whether it’s Hepatitis B or C and there are other companies that are a
little bit more liberal in their guidelines and will approve life insurance
for people who have Hepatitis B.

So the key is really knowing which life insurance company to apply with.
And that’s where working with an agent who is specializing in high risk
life insurance really pays off because instead of going to one company and
getting declined and maybe you’ve been in that position and then going to
another company and kind of being upset about the whole process working
with an agent who has experience with Hepatitis B and life insurance is
really the way to go in terms of having the best chance to get approved for

The other thing you want to do is submitting a letter with your
application. As an agent this is what I do for my clients explaining their
lifestyle or their overall health, anything that’s positive that can help
get that application approved, we write a letter to the life insurance
company to have them look at that and that gives you a better chance to get
approved. So anything that’s helpful, if you exercise or your overall
lifestyle is going to be helpful in getting you approved for coverage.

The one thing to know is that you’re generally not going to get approved
that standard rates. If you do have Hepatitis, you’re generally going to
get what’s called the table rating which is essentially a higher rate for
coverage so you’ll have a policy just like everybody else but the rate is
going to be higher and you’re generally going to see table ratings anywhere
between table 4 or also called table d, maybe up to a table 6, also known
as a table f, so just to know what to expect in terms of pricing. And
although this sounds confusing, I can go over these numbers with you when
we discuss a quote and give you an idea of what type of pricing you can
probably expect based specifically on your situation.

So if you do have Hepatitis B and you are looking for life insurance, you
can click the link below if you are on YouTube to go to our site
ChooseTerm.com or you can call me directly 800-574-0245, my extension is
101 and I look forward to speaking with you.

My name is Liran Hirschkorn and thank you for watching.

How Does Universal Life Insurance Work Pros and Cons Universal Life Insurance Company- Reviews

Universal life insurance pros and cons, how does universal life insurance work. Universal life insurance company http://www.financialinsuranceadvice.com/
Universal Life Insurance is a type of flexible permanent life insurance that can give you the high face value of a Term policy with a premium much lower than you would get in a whole life policy, depending on your age. (For a person in his/her 20s, a whole life can actually be cheaper than a universal, depending on how it is structured.) The reason many people never purchase universal life is that when they ask their agent, “what is universal life insurance,” they are often given a universal life insurance guide that has been approved (in all its complex language) by the State’s Department of Insurance but that does little to help a person truly understand the advantages. Unfortunately, many agents who have been trained to sell only Term Life or Whole life do not understand themselves just how to explain Universal Life insurance.
Universal Life insurance is a form of “permanent” insurance, but is not considered “whole” life. It is more correctly termed “flexible premium adjustable life.” Simply put, you pay your premium into a special savings account called the “accumulation” fund. Into that fund, the company adds interest. Out of that fund the company takes the cost of insurance and applicable fees. Once you have cash built up in the fund, there is no particular premium that you absolutely have to pay as the costs will come out of the accumulation fund. Once the fund is close to being depleted—in other words, there is not enough money left to pay the fees for the following month—the company will notify you that you need to begin paying premiums or the policy will lapse. Again most polices are safe for 2015 and beyond but never guaranteed unless stated in the policy!
Universal life insurance pros and cons
How does universal life work
Universal life insurance company

You decide what you want for a Universal life Policy
1. You decide (up to limits regulated by federal tax law) when and how much premium payment to “pour in.” The minimum premium is based on insurance company expenses, premium taxes, and the cost of pure insurance for your policy.
2. As you pay your premium, the insurance company deducts its sales expenses and premium taxes.
3. The remainder of your premium is credited to your cash value account. Each month, the company charges this account for its other expenses and the cost of pure insurance (net amount of risk coverage), or mortality cost.
4. Your cash value earns interest at a rate that fluctuates based on the rates earned by a segregated portfolio within the insurance company’s general account. A minimum (guaranteed) interest rate will be stated in your policy.
5. If the company’s portfolio earns more than the guaranteed interest rate, the company credits the excess interest to your policy.
6. If your remaining cash value is not sufficient to cover expenses and the cost of pure insurance, and you do not pour in more premium, the policy amount may then have to be reduced, or your policy will lapse. This would be similar to crushing the container at the top.
7. You may take a policy loan in an amount not to exceed the policy’s cash surrender value less the annual loan interest. Repayment replenishes your cash value; any loan balance outstanding (plus interest due) at your death is deducted from the policy amount paid to your beneficiary.

Once you figure out what you want out of a universal life insurance contract both pros and cons
Then you need to contact us to figure out the best scenario for your life and investments,
Call us today!
Universal life insurance pros and cons
How does universal life insurance work
Universal life insurance company

Whole Life Insurance Quotes Online Instant

For Whole Life Insurance: http://cheaplifeinsurancein2min.com/whole-life-insurance-quotes/

Insurance policy coverage coverage is a type of long lasting insurance, and both of these have terms lasting until the end of the insured’s lifestyle, as opposed to phrase, which, as the name suggests, only covers the lifestyle of the covered for a specified phrase. Put simply, long lasting lifestyle insurance plan always will pay out to the beneficiary, because the end of its phrase is the death of the insured; phrase only will pay out if the covered passes away during the allotted time frame.

The former is substantially—sometimes tenfold—more expensive than the latter, but phrase renewal is often costly, since at the end of the phrase the covered person is older and therefore represents high risk. This is especially true of lifestyle insurance plan for elderly people, as one might imagine, since their chances of payout are greater.

whole life insurance calculator
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aarp life insurance. Visit: https://www.statefarm.com/insurance/life/whole-life
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204-A Behind-the-Scenes Look Into High-Risk Life Insurance Underwriting: Interview with Todd Si…

One of my goals for Radical Personal Finance is to bring more transparency to the world of professional finance. Today, I’m glad to shine the light on the life insurance industry.

I’ve invited a friend of mine onto the show to discuss his 30-year career as a life insurance broker.

Todd Simpson CLU®, ChFC® is a veteran of the life insurance business. His specialty is high-risk underwriting, so he brings not only a long career’s worth of experience but also a unique perspective to the difficult-to-place cases.

I think you’ll really enjoy this conversation. We cover:

The incredible changes that have occurred in life insurance product design over the last 30 years.
The most common medical problems that cause problems with life insurance underwriting.
The impact of drugs and drug use on your ability to get a life insurance policy.
And more!
Enjoy the show,


Todd’s firm and website: http://www.thestammagency.com/
Support Radical Personal Finance on Patreon! http://radicalpersonalfinance.com/patron

Pre Existing Life Insurance | Life Insurance Pre Existing 866-200 (4454)

Pre Existing Life Insurance | Life Insurance Pre Existing 866-200 (4454) Review s

https://gilinow.com/ 866-200-4454
http://tinyurl.com/preexistinglifeinsurance12 CALL NOW!

If you’ve ever been told that you can’t buy life insurance due to a pre-existing medical condition or that your application was rated up due to one or more medical conditions, Life Quotes, Inc. offers these tips for securing a life insurance policy at a rate you can live with.{Life Insurance Pre Existing Medical Conditions}

Life insurance shoppers with heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other common ailments, take heart. There are strategies that Life Insurance Pre Existing Medical Conditions can employ to obtain life insurance coverage, often at a great price, but a good outcome requires that you properly shop the market or have a good agent do so for you.

The art of life insurance underwriting is based upon some 80 different rating factors, each of which has to be looked at before an offer is made. So if the website you are visiting only asks a few questions about your health and reveals only “lowball quotes,” beware because Life Insurance Pre Existing Medical Conditions many more questions will be asked at a later time and, yes, the price will change. A good agent will tell you this upfront and not sugarcoat the truth.

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